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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 7, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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an hour east of los angeles. another was seriously injured. >> our officers were stopped at a red light when they were ambushed. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect is former lapd officer and navy reservist christopher dorner who posted an online manifesto threatening police officials and their families. investigators have been collecting evidence all morning, even at the crime scene police are here with their rifles at the ready. police say dorner shot at two officers in the city of carona this morning. the officers were on special assignment to provide security for police officials who were mentioned in dorner's manifesto. the officers were following dorner in their patrol car when they say he got out of his pickup truck and opened fir with a rifle. >> this is a vendetta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: in the city of torrence police who were protecting a person named in his manifesto mistakenly shot and wounded several people who were in a pickup truck officers believed was dorner's. dorner is also suspected of shooting and killing a college basketball coach and her fiance
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in a parki garage on sunday night. his badge and id were found near the airport in san diego this morning. edward lawrence for cbs news, riverside, california. >> he released an online grievance against the l.a. police department. he said he was fired his reputation ruined for reporting an incident of police brutality. he said, "i have exhausted all available means of obtaining my name back. this is my last resort. lapd has suppressed the truth and it has now led to deadly consequences." authorities have issued a statewide officer safety warning around the bay area freeway signs giving drivers details of dorner's possible vehicle. it's a gray nissan titan truck. there is no information that he is headed to northern california. we are monitoring developments in the search and we'll bring you updates as we get them. a violent home invasion has vallejo neighbors on alert today. three members of a family were shot when two suspects burst
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into their home early this morning. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington talk to relatives who explain what happened. >> i feel sad, you know, because -- >> reporter: he speaks with investigators outside his cousin's house in vallejo. three of his family members were shot during a home invasion that police think was random. he says his cousin the father wasn't there at the time. [ indiscernible ] they leave about 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: inside, his 62- year-old wife and two adult children. they were asleep when around 3:40 a.m. two gunmen kicked in the front door. >> the very first person that confronts the suspect was a female in her early 20s. she saw these two unknown individuals inside her home. she retreated into her home and the suspects chased her into the home and find a round at her. >> reporter: she shielded herself with a pillow and was hit in the hand.
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her brother in his tows came out next, shot in the face, suspect in the hip. the suspects fled. >> took them to the hospital. >> reporter: the thought of a random attack has neighbors rattled saying this area is usually quiet. that family, friendly. >> i'm going to make sure the windows, doors are locked and secure for sure now. >> they're nice people. they're not like -- i never seen any problems. it's not loud over there at their house at all. they're all working all the time. >> we're very disturbed and we're doing everything that we can to try to determine what exactly happened and to bring those people to justice. >> reporter: the three victims are at the hospital recovering from their injuries. police do not have a good description of the suspects except that they were wearing hoodies at the time. in vallejo, elissa harrington, kpix 5. fire crews are searching for the cause of a fire in a san jose home. this morning, fire crews say the home on mckendry was empty
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at the time. the cause is under investigation. a big bust in support of oakland. customs agents found cars being used to smuggle thousands of rounds of ammunition. officers say mongolia was the final decision nation for three vehicles. now, inside the engines they found 23 rounds of ammo hidden in air filters. mongolia was the final destination. the ammo was worth more than $45,000. a new person of interest in a 1980s child abduction. kevin collins disappeared in 1984 when he was only 10. investigators are now focused on a former neighbor who died five years ago. that's wayne jackson. he is a convicted child molester. he was interviewed at the time collins disappeared. yesterday, police named him as a person of interest in the collins case. tonight, san jose mayor chuck reed will deliver his state of the city address. one big item on the agenda will be public safety. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran
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found out what else people in san jose would like to hear from the mayor. >> reporter: the city of san jose had its share of roadblocks over the past year. neighbors have seen an increase in crime and members of a police force looking to move out. not to mention the hot topic of pension reform. >> what we need is really a reality check and the reality of the situation is that the city is not doing nearly as well as it should. >> reporter: we sat down with mayor reed this morning to get a preview of the state of the city tonight. despite the city's challenges, he is optimistic and knows there's work ahead. >> we still have a lot of work to do. we have three billion dollars in unfunded liabilities for retirement costs and so we need to implement other pension reform before we can begin to restorm services that have been cut over the last decade -- restore services that have been cut over the last decade. >> reporter: neighbors gave us an idea of what they want. >> more outreach for youth kids for intervention. more services for people who are homeless, who are on drugs, instead of just putting them in jail. >> reporter: there is talk the
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mayor could campaign for a citywide tax increase to support city services. a new poll released says the majority of residents are okay with a one quarter percent increase. >> i'm grateful for the support that i have gotten from the public and that we have for the possibility of a tax increase. we are on the right track. >> if it's for the progress of the city, why not. anything for the good of the people. i think that's welcome. >> reporter: some opponents say it's not that simple. >> for a city tax to pass, there needs to be broad community support. and this mayor's leadership has been extraordinarily divisive. what he needs to do is build bridges before we can get a tax passed. >> reporter: the mayor will plan to give his state of the city at the san jose civic auditorium. and it's open and free to all. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. coming up, governor chris christie tries to make light of a heavy subject by cross- country medical diagnosis that has him fed up with this debate
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over his weight. >> until that time, she should shut up. >> and a simple step could help stroke survivors. the new research is next. >> nice to see rain around the bay area. a little sunshine peeking through the clouds now but there's more rain on the way and maybe a little snow. we'll talk about that coming up.
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starting as low as $19 a month for one year when you bundle tv and internet with speeds up to 24 megs. plus get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] and now, exclusively from at&t our wireless receiver lets you move your tv where you want around the house, even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse. tv like you've never seen before. ♪ ♪ she must be a genius. listen, this is just another hack who wants five minutes on tv. >> there you go. new jersey governor chris christie is hammering a former white house doctor for saying she is concerned he will die in office because of his weight. the war of words started after he went on the late show with david letterman and jokingly
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began munching on a doughnut mid conversation. dr. connie mariana went on television with a scathing diagnosis although she never met or examined him. now christie is firing back. >> my children saw that last night. and she sat there on tv and said, i'm afraid he is going to die in office. my 12-year-old son says, dad, are you going to die? if she wants to get on a plane and come to new jersey and asks me to examine me and review my medical history, i'll have a conversation with her about that. until that time, she should shut up. >> he speaks his mind. christie says that he does have plans of trimming down. in today's healthwatch, some stroke survivors may benefit from the martial arts exercise tai chi. doctors at the university of arizona studied stroke patients who use different fitness programs and found those who practice tai chi had letter balance and fewer falls -- had better balance and fewer falls. experts believe the ancient chinese practice strengthens muscles that improve balance.
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stress is a daily part of life. karin caifa has ways to manage stress. >> reporter: what causes stress? >> transportation. >> running late. >> reporter: the top trickers according to the american psychological association, money work and the economy. family and relationships. and personal health concerns which ironically can be brought on by too much stress. >> it just doesn't affect their emotional well-being but they understand that stress could cause serious illnesses such as depression, but also affect things like heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain syndrome. >> reporter: the good news from the apa, most americans seem to recognize the link between managing stress and a healthy lifestyle. >> i probably say exercise helps a lot. >> individually, having a regular exercise regimen is one of the best things people can do to help manage their stress. study after study has shown this. but also, relaxation techniques
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such as mindfulness meditation, very easy technique to learn, very effective in reducing the stress level. >> reporter: a major challenge to controlling stress can be that will power to change long- time habits. so experts recommend focusing on one behavior at a time. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> how about some weather? we got some rain. >> isn't that nice to see? a couple of raindrops around the bay area. don't be fooled. we have blue skies outside now. we'll see rain later on and a couple of thunderstorms. outside now, high-def doppler radar you can see the front has moved in toward the south bay. we are still picking up some showers on 101 between san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, seeing showers in that direction. now, that's a part of the cold front that's moving on through. but still, we have more moisture off the coastline. catching a break now into san jose, as it looks like the afternoon not going to be too bad, not a rainout but that rain starts to pick up again late today and into this evening and then tonight cold enough we could see some snow down to about 2500 feet. then some leftover showers into
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friday, as well. a couple of raindrops, yeah, third of an inch at st. helena, .02" in san jose. we'll take anything as the storm system is falling apart in the south. a next band will bring us rainfall and thunderstorms. so a cold front passing through today with rain. temperatures outside numbers in the 50s, unsettled right through friday. computer models picking up on the system sliding through now. you will notice a break that we saw, and as we get into the evening hours you see that next band of moisture moving onshore. overnight tonight we'll see more rain on and off throughout the night and maybe a little snow across the local mountains. the temperatures are going to stay cool and if you plan to head to the at&t, boy, looks like could see a few showers in through tomorrow. i think for the weekend, should be great. but sunny and cool bring your jacket if you are heading there. temperatures expected to be in the low to mid-50s this afternoon. but the showers picking up again into the evening hours.
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tomorrow some more rain early on. then we start to dry out. saturday and sunday, looks like dry weather. warmer conditions through the middle of next week. we'll have more news, but right now back to you. >> it always rains and pebble, doesn't it? >> it does. it's beautiful for weeks and then pebble starts and it starts to rain. time to eat now. fresh grocer tony tantillo is here to tell us how to pick the ripest peppers today. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be with one of the produce items that we had on the best buy recently. these beautiful colorful peppers are being imported in now. let me tell you, the colors are beautiful. the nutritional value is there. and the price is down for this time of year. but let's talk about selection and storage. a beautiful orange one. like the yellow and the red, you want to make sure it's bright. that's very, very important. and heavy for their size. that means they have a nice thick wall great for sauteeing and for stuffing. check the tip right here. it has to be nice and green and, of course, attached.
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if there's any decaying it will start around the crown of the bell pepper. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator for two or three days. any longer they will decay. when they do that, you lose the nutritional value and that wonderful flavor. colorful bell peppers at great prices at the market. they are beautiful to look at and beautiful to enjoy. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. ciao. still ahead, california's biggest fundraiser to fight cancer is -- student-run phraser to fight cancer is right here in the bay area. >> it's a unifying sense and great feeling on campus. >> coming up next you will meet the 17-year-old leader behind a big benefit.
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as k-p-i-x 5's kate kelly reports, this week's d winner welcome back. a bay area teen is giving up his free time for charity. >> as kpix 5's kate kelly reports, this week's jefferson award winner found inspiration in the stories of cancer survivors. >> reporter: like most high school seniors, 17-year-old zach martinucci juggles a full schedule. honors classes, college applications and tennis team practice leaves little free time. yet his bulletin board tells a different story. for four years, zach has made time to participate in relay for life, a 24-hour fundraiser put on entirely by the students at burlingame high school. >> we raise money for the american cancer society, and
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that goes to fund our research, education advocacy and patient service. >> reporter: he got involved his freshman year as a team captain. by sophomore, he was running the event. >> it's a unifying sense, a great feeling on campus to have everyone bond together to fight cancer. >> reporter: today, the burlingame high school relay for life is the largest student- run event of its kind in the state. in the last four years, they have raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for the american cancer society. >> zach stands out because he is not doing it for himself. he is not doing it for a resume'. he's passionate about what he wants to do. he wants to truly make a change in this world. >> reporter: steve mills is director of student activities at burlingame high. >> ever since he stepped foot on this campus, he's made a huge impact. >> reporter: his work with the american cancer society isn't limited to just his school. he is the lead high school volunteer for the state, training other students to put on relays at over 60 campuses across california. >> now, let this sound represent one death. [ sound ]
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>> reporter: at campus meetings, he and his fellow volunteers demonstrate why their work is so important. >> listen to the death -- listen to the death caused each day by tobacco. [ sounds ] >> reporter: zach says he is motivated by the stories from cancer survivors. as graduating student body president, he is ready to pass the baton to fellow students confident in the knowledge you don't have to be an adult to make a difference. >> i just want to congratulate you and present you with a pin that we made. [ applause ] >> reporter: so for his work with the american cancer society as well as his local leadership, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to zach martinucci, kate kelly, kpix 5.
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roberta gonzales here with mobile5. we just got out of this truck. we are here at foothill high school in pleasanton. look at the temperature, 55. .01" of rain fell here today. the pressure has been dropping as a cold front blows through the bay area. and look who i am running into. president dryer is here today and we are going to make a trek into your gymnasium where big doings are going on saturday. >> we have a shoot-a-thon on
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saturday involving the varsity and jv teams. each gets 100 shots behind the free throw line trying to raise money for our coach wardell who had surge which are prohibitive medical costs. >> reporter: you hit it on the head. this big shoot-a-thon taking place saturday iser not coach who had a kidney transplant this past december. how are you feeling, coach? >> great, how are you. >> reporter: it's wonderful to see you. i'm doing fine, thank you. tell me about why we had this big shoot-a-thon saturday. >> last january i was diagnosed with renal failure. further into the year over the summer i was getting worse. my condition was worsening so as time went on i found out in november my aunt was a match pour a kidney transplant and in december 19th we did the transplant and it was successful. >> reporter: and your players want to do something special for you. what's your name. >> steven patrick. >> reporter: what's going on here saturday? >> saturday we're having a shoot-a-thon to raise money for coach wardell. >> why did you want to do this? >> well, wardell has been -- coach has been part of our program for a long time and we
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just wanted to give back to him for all the great things he has done for us. >> reporter: excellent. the students helping the coach at foothill high school here saturday. for more information, visit us online at roberta gonzales kpix 5. >> what a great cause there. >> absolutely. >> the website career builder released a list of the most outrageous excuses workers have begin forgetting to work late. >> someone said she dropped her purse in a coin operated newspaper box and couldn't get it out. good one. another blamed his angry wife saying she froze his keys in a glass of water in the freezer. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> yeah. someone actually claimed to have been attacked by a bear and then provided a picture to prove it. so i think if they have the picture, that's a good excuse, right? >> what about i lost my umbrella? >> i actually did. >> but i still showed up to work. >> the bosses say get into work regardless. >> i like the bear one. >> that's it for us. captions by: caption colorado
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>> taylor: sweetheart, i know this seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. >> steffy: i'm pregnant, and the father of my child just kicked me out of our home. >> taylor: but he doesn't know! if he did -- >> steffy: he would take me back in a heartbeat. he might even propose.
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>> taylor: isn't that what you want? >> steffy: i won't be an obligation. if liam wants me back, it's because he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, not because he's trying to do the right thing. >> bill: you really don't have any idea what you're doing, do you? >> liam: oh, just because it's not what you want, i don't know what i'm doing? >> bill: forget what i want. is this what you want -- sending steffy away? that feel good to you? does it? >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> bill: liam, i'm asking you. does this feel good to you? because if it doesn't and you want to fix it, it's not too late. >> liam: yeah, well, i need to be alone. >> bill: okay, well, you kick a woman like steffy out of your house, and that's exactly how you can end up. you don't show her the respect that she deserves -- >> liam: dad, i asked her to leave because i respect her, and hope! i owe it to both of them to sort this thing out, and i can't be with either of them until i do.


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